Managers are always the first line of defense in upholding our business principles, but employees should know that they have another source to turn to when they are concerned about workplace behavior: The ARAMARK Employee Hotline. Employees and managers can call this confidential, toll-free Hotline at 1-877-224-0411 when they don't feel entirely comfortable revealing their identity or speaking directly with a supervisor.

Consider, for example, the following scenario:
An employee witnesses one of her co-workers stealing. She wishes she hadn't seen the incident because she also considers the co-worker a friend. She knows the behavior is wrong, but she feels uncomfortable approaching their mutual supervisor and directly implicating her dishonest friend. Instead, the employee chooses to make the call to the Hotline and anonymously report the incident.

While it is always preferable for an employee to speak with a manager, we can assume that this employee may not have reported the incident if she had to speak directly with her supervisor. Without the privacy of the ARAMARK Employee Hotline, the dishonest co-worker might have gone unnoticed.