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One of Bill's passions has been Ham Radio since he was first licensed as KN4RID in 1957 at age 12.  He especially likes working DX (overseas stations) in contests and on 160 meters (sometimes called Top Band...the lowest frequency amateur band just above our AM Broadcast band).  

KN4RID in November 1958 QST Magazine


Here are a few of Bill's past radio accomplishments:

        First USA Novice licensee to achieve DXCC (100 countries) in 1958

        First teenager (age 19) to achieve DXCC Honor Roll in 1964

        First 160 meter DXCC from W0 district (Colorado) in 1985

        First worldwide to work 300 DXCC countries on 160 meters in 1998

        Current USA record-holder on 10 meters for all 6 major DX contests: 


     (click specific contest for stats)

     CQ WW DX SSB Contest (2001)  

     CQ WW DX CW Contest (2000)

        ARRL DX CW Contest (2002)

        ARRL DX SSB Contest (2000)

        CQ WPX SSB Contest (2000)

        CQ WPX CW Contest (2001)


                                                                  Here is Bill's stack of 3 modified KLM Yagi antennas used to achieve the above all-time records.  It was hastily erected in October 1999 to defend the CQ WW SSB record he set from Colorado as W0ZV in October 1988 during the last sunspot cycle peak.  Bill, Charlanne and a neighbor completely assembled the tower, antennas, sidemount assemblies, 3/4" CATV feedline, etc. beginning with initial pouring of concrete for the foundations on September 24, 1999.  The 48 hour contest began on October 28 so it was a crash project to say the least!  Independently rotatable Yagis are at 35'/70'/105' high, which Bill determined was the best spacing for gain, front to back ratio (F/B) and takeoff angle coverage.  Any combination of the 3 antennas is selectable by WX0B's Stackmatch.  Phillystran guys were used to prevent unwanted interaction from metal guywires.  In the summer of 2000, Bill used Yagi Optimizer 7.0 by K6STI to redesign the KLM's for ~1 dB more gain, ~8 dB more F/B ratio and better SWR bandwidth from 28.0-28.8 MHz.  He and his neighbor took all 3 antennas down in October 2000 and reinstalled them with the new dimensions before the contest at the end of the month.

Bill also moderates the Top Band Reflector which is focused on providing information to fellow 160 meter enthusiasts.  He also loves meeting radio friends in person when he travels or when they visit him...click to meet a few of them...and also remember these Silent Keys who have passed away.  Finally, here is a brief account of Bill's trip to HC8N for the ARRL DX Contest in 1999.

Thanks for visiting and look for Bill in the next contest or on Top Band!

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